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What She Gained

Mar 24, 2022

 Before we dive into today’s episode, and if possible, I would encourage all of us to get into some comfortable clothing because our clothing often triggers our bad body image days.

Comfy yet? I hope so… so let’s dive in!

Today’s episode is just you and me, and I want us to jump right into some steps to help us...

Mar 17, 2022

Title: Weight Stigma in the Medical Field

In today's episode,  I’m joined on the show by anti-diet wellness expert and creator of her signature getEATfluenced® coaching program, Maggie Landes. Listen in as we have a conversation about weight stigma in the medical field, where it comes from, what we can do to fight...

Mar 10, 2022

Several weeks ago, I asked my community what kind of topics you wanted to hear about, and you gave me some great topics to choose from. 

Today’s episode is just you and me, and we are discussing body image and intimacy. This was a highly requested topic, and I’m glad all of you suggested this juicy topic. It is one...

Mar 3, 2022

Today we are joined by Maria Scrimenti to talk about emotional eating. Maria explains what leads to eating disorders and the importance of getting individual coaching. Maria will inspire you to be brave in this very vulnerable journey and shares practical tips to get started on this journey.


Maria Scrimenti is a...

Mar 3, 2022

Intuitive eating is on the rise, particularly among young adults. Intuitive eating is a specific practice that encourages you to tap into your body’s hunger cues. Want to know more about it?

In this episode, I’m joined on the show by intuitive eating counselor Leah Kern, RD, who sits down with me to discuss...