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What She Gained

Mar 10, 2022

Several weeks ago, I asked my community what kind of topics you wanted to hear about, and you gave me some great topics to choose from. 

Today’s episode is just you and me, and we are discussing body image and intimacy. This was a highly requested topic, and I’m glad all of you suggested this juicy topic. It is one of those topics that so many people wonder about but are very hesitant to talk about. 

 So let’s dive in! 


Listen in to learn more. 

  • How our thoughts and feelings about our body impact our emotions and intimacy needs. [4:19]
  • Practical tip on reframing our beliefs genuinely and authentically [ 6:19]
  • What are the other pieces of attraction towards your partner? [13:34]
  • Practical steps for you to take toward experiencing pleasure with and without your partner [16:08]



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