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What She Gained

Mar 24, 2022

 Before we dive into today’s episode, and if possible, I would encourage all of us to get into some comfortable clothing because our clothing often triggers our bad body image days.

Comfy yet? I hope so… so let’s dive in!

Today’s episode is just you and me, and I want us to jump right into some steps to help us deal with our body image on those bad days.

Listen in to learn more about:

The two most important questions to ask ourselves when negative, shaming thoughts pop into our minds. [3:39]

What does this emotion need from me right now? You will be shocked at how quickly your body has an answer. Trust that. Do your best to provide that. [6:14]

Ideas for creating a toolbox of emotional processing tools for yourself. [7:52]

Do something that makes you feel ALIVE. [10:26]


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