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What She Gained

Mar 3, 2022

Intuitive eating is on the rise, particularly among young adults. Intuitive eating is a specific practice that encourages you to tap into your body’s hunger cues. Want to know more about it?

In this episode, I’m joined on the show by intuitive eating counselor Leah Kern, RD, who sits down with me to discuss intuitive eating, how to get started, and much more. When we learn to be our authentic selves, we will gain so much in our lives and inspire others to change their lives.

Leah Kern is an anti-diet registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor who specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food and body through the framework of Intuitive Eating.

Leah teaches her clients to harness their body's innate wisdom to govern how they eat and live in her private practice. Leah believes that the work involved with unraveling years of conditioning in diet culture and learning to come home to one's body is deeply spiritual work, and she treats it as such.

Leah's mission is to help her clients heal their relationship with food and body so they can finally live their most aligned and fulfilling lives without being bogged down by constant food thoughts.

Listen to learn more:

Leah’s journey with intuitive eating {03:00}

When your intuition lets you know you are out of alignment. {08:54}

What we gain in life when we stop obsessing about food {12:40}

Where do you start if you want to connect with your bodies? {28:00}

Plus much more, including stories of others who have learned to be their authentic selves.



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