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What She Gained

Sep 1, 2022

Friends! Man life has been LIFE-ING really hard over here. I've been meaning to record and publish this episode for over a month now. AND we are here now and I'm closing off Season 1 of the What She Gained podcast by letting you in on 1. the biggest thread I've noticed with nearly EVERY SINGLE client I have ever had and 2. What bittersweet things are going on in my life. Season 1 is closing but Season 2 will be back towards the end of 2022! I already have a TON of amazing interviews ready to go for Season 2 so stay tuned!

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • There is a common thread that I've seen with almost 100% of the women that I work with and I can widdle it down to two words
  • How you can follow this thread for yourself
  • As humans, we thrive in community and connection
  • Some really important questions to ask yourself to understand your core desires underneath your body image struggles
  • What bittersweet things are happening in my life

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