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What She Gained

May 5, 2022

Hello and welcome back!

I am so excited to have this one-on-one conversation with all of you because it is a topic I hear happening often + it was something I used to do all. of. the. time.

Are you someone who just looks in the mirror and just nitpicks things? Do you ever find yourself looking at your reflection and saying to yourself, “If I didn’t have/could change just this one thing, I would feel so much more confident?” If so, then this episode is for you!


Listen in to learn more about:  

  • An important question to ask yourself to help you get some more answers about what’s really underneath this struggle for you [2:05] 
  • Identifying if you have a pattern of always picking out things in your life that are “not enough” + how that feeling reveals that you need to do some work around that story of “not-enoughness” in your life. [6:02]
  • Recognize ways you can start living with more confidence now! [11:00]

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