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What She Gained

Jul 14, 2022

Have you noticed that you are really harsh to yourself, but it feels easy to be kind and compassionate to others? Maybe you’ve heard other people say “treat yourself like you would your best friend!” but that just feels impossible to you? If this all sounds familiar - this episode is for you! In this episode, I dive deep into judgment, shame, and your inner critic and give you some tangible steps to start practicing self-compassion so you aren’t such a jerk to yourself!

What you’ll be learning:

  • What fuels judgment
  • One way to practice use judgment to your advantage (looking eye to eye)
  • Why we try to fit into the societal mold
  • The 3 things that are underneath our desire to “fit in”
  • Uncovering what your inner critic is trying to keep you safe from
  • Why you judge yourself but don’t judge others
  • Uncovering your core narratives and practicing nuance
  • 3 steps to start practicing more self-compassion



Brené Brown (shame researcher):

Madison Morrigan:

Madison Morrigan podcast interview

Laziness does not Exist by Devon Price

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