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What She Gained

Apr 7, 2022

What’s up podcast peeps! You asked and I am answering on today’s show! We tend to jump to black and white thinking about this one … “I just wish I could stop caring about what other people think,” or the opposite, “I care so much about what other people think.”


We can acknowledge that someone else’s judgment is more about them than it is about us. Absolutely, that is 100% true! And also, it still makes us feel a certain way. So if we only focus on this being about them and not about us then we are once again ignoring, masking, and pushing down the emotions that are welling up within us.


Listen in to learn more about:  


  • Asking ourselves this question: When we worry about what other people are thinking, what do we hope they are thinking about us? Is it approval or acceptance? [3:38]
  • How to get clear on that one core desire underneath all of these beliefs [4:58]
  • Recognizing what is happening inside my body when someone does judge me. [6:01]
  • The importance of validating those emotions + starting to build language around what we are feeling when people do judge us. [7:49]




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