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What She Gained

Mar 27, 2019

Kelsey Pukala shares some incredibly helpful insights into how our digestion plays into our health and how to heal our relationship to food while also honoring our health and our gut!

Kelsey is a Registered Dietician and is a light in this space AND a wealth of knowledge!

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Mar 19, 2019

Jenna and Ashley are POWERHOUSES and the masterminds behind the brand Eff Perfect.

Today we discussed all things perfection. We discussed how living through meeting other people's expectations can hold us back from living our best life.

If you are a perfectionist, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

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Mar 5, 2019

Jaclyn Amys is a full-time mental health therapist, online anxiety coach and founder of Team Therapeutic Fitness!

Today we chat with Jaclyn and anxiety, people pleasing and perfectionism and how to view "self-love" in a different way!

What does your Self-Love bucket look like and are you filling it up?!


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