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What She Gained

Apr 28, 2022

Hey everybody!

If you are struggling with food guilt or morality, and those thoughts are constantly consuming your brain, this is the episode for you!

Brittany gives so many tangible tips to walk away with on how to be kinder to yourself and shift the dialogue to something that feels more authentic and aligned to you. Brittany Modell, MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and founder of Brittany Modell, Nutrition and Wellness, INC, a virtual nutrition and body image coaching practice.

She is also a co-host of Food Therapy Podcast, which explores the intersections of food freedom, diet culture, and mental health.

Brittany uses a non-diet approach to nutrition and health and practices from a HAES (Health at Every Size) perspective. Brittany helps her clients break the cycle of chronic dieting and transform their relationship with food by providing them with the necessary tools to re-trust their bodies.

Brittany helps clients go from stuck to empowered using a non-judgemental self-care framework. With all that in mind, listen in as we discuss:

  • How food guilt is a sneaky disorder + why we shouldn’t be feeling guilty about our food choices. [6:46]
  • We are not born with food guilt/food judgment. This is something that we have learned to adopt from others over the years. {12:45]
  • Some clarifying questions to ask yourself about your own beliefs when food guilt occurs. [15:46]
  • We have to recognize that a negative thought is not a fact + learn how to not only reframe but often even challenge our thoughts because they do impact how we feel about ourselves and our food choices. [17:54]
  • Truths about why diets are not sustainable. [21:51]
  • Answers to how do we start to rebuild trust in our bodies, and if it is not food guilt, then what is it? [24:17]

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