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What She Gained

Jun 23, 2022

Hello, hello! Oh my goodness... You are absolutely going to love this conversation! Today on the pod I have Jasmine, a previous client of mine, whose life has been such a pleasure and a joy to watch unfold and bloom as she steps back into her power. Listen in as we talk about how all of this self-hate and self-shame has been learned and not authentic to her (or any of us really). Jasmine shares how she has been able to peel back some of those old stories and get back to the core version of herself that feels compassionate, joyful, loving, and kind. I simply can’t wait for you to hear her story on this episode! 


Jasmine is an NYC-based content creator also working in sustainable and inclusive fashion. As a content creator, Jasmine is passionate about promoting body neutrality and self-acceptance through recovery from diet culture and healing our relationships with food and our bodies. 



Listen in as we discuss:

  • Jasmine’s favorite (and also most surprising) part to rediscover about herself in this process. [14:01]
  • The contrast between what food and body obsession was holding Jasmine back from in her life + how healing her relationship to food and body has opened up and expanded her life. [19:53]
  • How diet culture often makes us walk away from ourselves and instead align towards the values of diet culture. [25:54]
  • Jasmine’s experiences with her career in the beauty industry. [31:05]

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