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What She Gained

Jun 9, 2022

Oh my gosh, y’all!! I promise you I am still on a high from recording this conversation with Marie-Pier.

If you are someone who feels like diet culture is hanging with you in sneaky ways, then this is an episode for you! Be sure to listen to us discuss the three different ways diet culture impacts us and how they probably affect us much more than we realize. Marie-Pier also gives us some incredible suggestions on stepping away from diet culture and stepping toward your more authentic self.

I hope you love listening to this episode as much as I loved having this conversation!


Marie-Pier is an anti-diet Registered Dietitian with a B.Sc. in Psychology and the founder of The Balanced Practice. After completing her first degree in psychology, Marie-Pier struggled with an eating disorder. After recovery, she went back to school to become an RD with the dream of supporting folks in their food journeys. Marie-Pier started her private practice and has been supporting folks to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She strives to provide evidence-based nutrition interventions to all her clients and support them in their recovery journeys. Marie-Pier is passionate about helping folks discover how to ditch diet culture and nourish their bodies without guilt, shame or restrictions. You can spot Marie-Pier on local news and radio stations and give presentations to different organizations on nutrition!

She is the host of The Balanced Dietitian Podcast, where she provides listeners with a different approach to nutrition. Marie-Pier offers counseling at The Balanced Practice and an online group program to help folks heal their relationship with food and body.


Listen in as we discuss:

  • What it looks like to be knee-deep in diet culture. [9:29]
  • How we often mistakenly rely on external cues to validate our self-worth. [16:21]
  • The different levels of diet culture impact us = Food + Body + Mind. [20:02]
  • Our need to address these three layers to be truly free from diet culture.. [26:03]
  • A few journal prompts to help us go deeper in shifting our mindset. [28:35]
  • Ways we can fight diet culture through our own lives. [34:16]

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