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What She Gained

Apr 21, 2022


Welcome back everyone! One thing I have been doing lately is connecting with people in my community and hearing about what you are struggling the most with right now.


Today on the pod, we talk about a question I have been hearing pretty consistently in those conversations… What do I do if everyone around me subscribes to diet culture and I have unsubscribed?


Let’s walk through some resources together today to help you get through the challenges when those around you are still stuck in diet culture.


Listen in to learn more about:  


  • How we are hard-wired for secure connection to thrive so it is important that you find yourself a community of others with shared beliefs and experiences. [4:22]
  • The value in getting curious about your feelings and thoughts in those moments when you are with your people and you notice they are talking about diet culture, weight loss, or food in a way that is no longer authentic to you. [7:37]
  • Asking yourself: What are the top three things that feel most challenging about my family and/or friends still being in diet culture? [8:07]
  • Nex,: asking yourself: What can I do to support myself through this challenge? [9:17]
  • Some practical ways you can support yourself in those moments. [11:04]




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