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What She Gained

May 19, 2022

Hey everyone! I simply can’t wait to share today’s episode with you! Listen in to a conversation about body image concepts and topics I had with some other amazing people at the Woman Up conference. Such an important conversation for us to have with one another… and of course with ourselves!


Woman Up is a woman-led collective. A community-focused of growth based in the human experience. A community where like-minded women are coming together to grow, try, play, connect and thrive. A community where strangers become lifelong friends, where businesses get supported, and where people grow and learn from one another. This is your one-stop-shop…for coaching, personal development, connection, inspiration, disruption…and impact.


Listen in as we discuss:

  • My own quarter-life crisis and how that eventually led me to discover my passion for doing what I do today. [1:51]
  • Body acceptance and the false belief others (or even you) may have that accepting yourself is a form of giving up, being lazy, or letting yourself go.. [10:00]
  • The generational impact of those before us on our body image and how we can break that cycle. [11:59]
  • The ONE thing that I hope everyone walks away from this conversation knowing and believing about themselves. [16:01]
  • How to start hard conversations with others in this space, lead with curiosity + a valuable question to ask. [20:42]
  • 4 different types of body image and how they all play into each other. [27:53]

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