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What She Gained

Jun 16, 2022

Hey friends! If I had a dollar for every time a client told me that every time they get bloated their body image goes down the drain, I’d be a millionaire! So this episode is dedicated to body image and bloating. In this episode, we will talk about both the physical sensations as well as the thoughts & emotions that come along with bloating. You’ll be walking away with some clear tools to help you on those days


  • Go to a healthcare professional if you are concerned with your bloating
  • Your body is sending you physical input about your bloating - and it’s neutral!
  • The stories you tell yourself when you feel bloated
  • Recognize and unpack your own implicit anti-fat bias & questions to ask yourself
  • Following the thread of your automatic thoughts
  • Getting to the core of these uncomfortable thoughts & rewriting them
  • Building a toolbox for bloated days with suggestions


Episode with Maggie Landes

Episode with Samina Qureshi


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